On-site Review Prior to Transport Canada PVIs


Feeling nervous about an upcoming Program Validation Inspection (PVI)? You are not alone! Many operators are uncertain how to prepare for a PVI and put their Air Operator Certificates in jeopardy if Transport Canada finds too many non-compliances. We’d like to help! Our flight operations consultant may be available to do an on-site pre-PVI visit to identify and help rectify deficiencies.

Unfortunately leaving this to the last minute is not the best or healthiest for your business. We recommend a pro-active approach and suggest scheduling us for an annual pre-PVI to help you be compliant for client audits and Transport Canada PVIs.

Another suggestion is to be very familiar with the latest Transport Canada SUR-001. These are the instructions from Ottawa to their Inspectors on how to conduct the PVIs and how to review an operators Corrective Action Plan.

Unfortunately, Transport Canada has removed SUR-001 from their website, however click on the following link for a copy of the document (it may not be the latest version) .

SUR 001 Surveillance Procedures