Company Operations Manual Amendments

  • based on our quality templates;
  • review and document your flight operation processes;
  • incorporate  existing processes and procedures and outstanding bulletins or directives and other information as determined through corrective action plans, as applicable;
  • cross-check similar content with other documents, such as your Maintenance Control Manual;
  • modification or development of forms to be used in flight operations and/or training;
  • use of checklists to demonstrate compliance with the applicable CASS regarding the contents of the Company Operations Manual, Training Programs and Standard Operating Procedures; and,
  •  professional editing of the manual.

For 702 & 703 operations, we recommend an annual revision for your manual to keep it current with your company processes, regulations and industry standards. 704 operators may require additional revisions throughout the year. We are no longer accepting new 704 or 705 clients. This service is provided at an hourly rate.