Initial Certification for 702 & 703 Air Operators

 What is an Air Operator Certificate?

An Air Operator Certificate (AOC), issued by Transport Canada, is a legal contract between a commercial or private air operator and the Government of Canada.

A brief overview of Transport Canada’s process to issue an AOC:

When Transport Canada receives an application from a company wanting an AOC, they will:

  •  Ÿassign Inspectors in their respective specialty areas (Operations, Maintenance, Dangerous Goods, Cabin Safety);
  • Ÿ complete a review of all required manuals, forms and documentation;
  •  Ÿadvise the Company of required or suggested changes;
  •  Ÿcheck the qualification of the proposed Operations Manager and Chief Pilot;
  • Ÿ provide a letter to the proposed Operations Manager and Chief Pilot allowing them to write their respective exams;
  • Ÿ conduct an on-site inspection of the Company’s main base, training records and aircraft;
  • Ÿ interview the Operations Manager, Chief Pilot and Person Responsible for Maintenance;
  •  approve manuals, Operations Manager, Chief Pilot and Person Responsible for Maintenance;
  •  Ÿissue the Air Operator Certificate, faxing and mailing copies to the Company; and,
  •  Ÿadvise the Canadian Transportation Agency that the AOC is issued (Commercial Operator).

Why GS Aviation Consulting?

Professional Service

You get the benefit of our aviation experience, extensive knowledge of Canadian Air Regulations, and broad industry network in a dedicated, friendly environment.

Quality of Submission

The turn-around time for you initial certification is largely determined by the quality of your submission. GS Aviation has developed a concise process that will ensure a complete and compliant submission. We use project management tools that ensure transparency with you throughout the process.

Proven Track Record

We have many satisfied client operators within the Canadian aviation community including over 20 initial certification projects.

What do I do now?

There are a number of things that you should do in  order to prepare for certification. You can start by reviewing “Starting a Commercial Air Service – TP 8880″, which is an informational package published by Transport Canada. The following list are a few other things to do and consider:

  •   incorporate your business (if you will purchase the aircraft consider setting up a holding company and lease the A/C to your aviation company);
  •   Ÿdetermine the best aircraft type for your operation and look into aircraft acquisition (purchase or lease);
  •   Ÿidentify your key managers and start preparing for the TC exams;
  •   Ÿinsurance requirements;
  •   Ÿstart making arrangements for maintenance, hanger or dock, and office requirements; and,
  •   click here to contact GS Aviation Consulting to help you through the process!