CASO (Company Aviation Safety Officer) Training


Please contact Gerry Binnema at 778-998-9534 or


New CRM requirements for 702, 703 and 704 operators:

Gerry Binnema is preparing training programs for single-pilot and multi-crew training to meet the new requirements. The following is from his website:

“Concerned About Advisory Circular 700-042?

I will be developing several tools to help you meet the new requirements. I plan on developing a web-based program for the Single Pilot Resource Management (SRM) requirement and am discussing with TC to ensure it meets their approval. I will develop a one day classroom training session adapted for small operators with multi-crew flight decks. And I will be available for larger operators to help develop in-house training, including the option of a “train the trainer” session, or I can provide 3rd party training for you.” G. Binnema