Friday Fact: Type Ratings

I often hear confusion as to when a type rating is required, however there are only two instances when they are mandatory.

The first instance is:
when the aircraft is deemed to be high performance.

The second instance is:
when the aircraft manufacturer has specified in the type certificate that two pilots are required to fly the aircraft.

These are the only situations that cause a requirement for a type rating.

It has nothing to do with the size of the aircraft. Common misconception is that any aircraft categorized as a large aircraft requires a type rating: that’s not true!  It has nothing to do with the sub part that the operator operates under. For instance, a type rating is not required for all aircraft operated under 704 – inversely some aircraft operated under 703 could require a type rating.

We hope this clarifies Type Ratings for everyone!
Have a great weekend, from the GSAC Team.