Private Aircraft Operators (604)

Privately operated turbine-powered pressurized aeroplanes (type certificated for more than six passenger seats), jet aeroplanes and large aeroplanes (MCTOW greater than 12,566 lbs) operated for the purpose of transporting passengers or goods are required to hold a Transport Canada issued Private Operator Registration Document (PORD) .

We offer full service assistance to obtain a PORD and assistance to meet the requirements of the 604 regulations. Our services include:

  • submission of the application form and supporting documentation to Transport Canada;
  • communication and coordination with Transport Canada as required;
  • preparation of an Operations Manual which includes a basic Safety Management program;
  • preparation of aircraft MEL (optional for 604 operations);
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) operations;
  • preparation of operational and training forms;
  • preparation of company exam for Operations Manager and Chief Pilot ;
  • preparation of audit checklist based on your company operation;
  • preparation of SMS review checklist;
  • use of a project tracker for the assignment and timeline of tasks; and,
  • communication with the private operator throughout the process.

For existing operators, we provide the following services:

  •  audits and SMS reviews;
  •  updating / amending Operations Manual, MEL, SMS Manual, and SOPs.