Private Aircraft Operators (604)

Privately operated turbine-powered pressurized aeroplanes (type certificated for more than six passenger seats), jet aeroplanes and large aeroplanes (MCTOW greater than 12,566 lbs) operated for the purpose of transporting passengers or goods are required to hold a Transport Canada issued Private Operator Registration Document (PORD) .

Our CAR 604 program provides the following documents:

  • Operations Manual Operations Manual template including content for Specific Approvals;
  • Operations Manual Content Compliance Checklist (cross-check between CARs and Operations Manual)
  • Aircraft Maintenance requirements (chapter in the Operations Manual);
  • Training record forms;
  • Safety Management System – basic paper format (chapter in the Operations Manual) with SMS forms and checklists including:
    • Safety Reporting form
    • Safety Case Study form
    • Annual Safety Review and SMS Review (includes a checklist)
    • Safety Reporting Register
    • SMS Process form (combines Corrective Action Plan and Safety Reports)
    • Hazard Registry
  • Quality Assurance program (chapter in the Operations Manual);
  • Audit Checklist;
  • Passenger Safety Features Cards – compliance checklist;
  • Checklists for the use of electronic flight bags (i.e. iPads) in accordance with AC 700-020;
  • PORD application project tracker;
  • PORD application form;
  • List of valuable resources (programs and websites); and,
  • Guidance sheet for writing technical manuals with policies and procedures.

We include a 3 hour on-line meeting with your company for an overview of the documentation, SMS and Operations Manual.

With advance notice, I may be available to complete your 604 annual QA audit.

Please contact us for pricing.