Stabilized Approaches

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Today we would like to share with you an online power point presentation on Stabilized Approaches. We found that this guide was an effective refreshment on how the missed approach, although a routine procedure, can become inproficient due to their infrequency. Pilots may fly many hours without having to fly a missed approach and perhaps due to complacency, mistakes can be made. This article focuses on how to recognize an unstabilized approach and when to initiate the go-around.

It’s a common feeling for a pilot to attempt to salvage a poor approach. Missed approaches happen, and having to go missed shouldn’t reflect your skill set as a pilot. Allowing the cost of fuel, the extra air time, and your ego to influence your decisions in the cockpit can lead to incidents and accidents.

You may consider this good material to add to your technical ground training program.

Here is the link to the power point:!

-The GSAC Team