CTA Filing Instructions

A message to CTA clients follows:

“Dear clients, in our ongoing efforts to modernize and streamline our processes, the Canadian Transportation Agency is requesting all clients to file their documents and submissions electronically.

We ask that you no longer send a paper version, as the electronic submission will be treated as your official submission.

To support this new process, the e-mail address “secretaire-secretary@otc-cta.gc.ca” will soon be de-activated.  From now on, all submissions relating to licensing matters should be sent to licence@otc-cta.gc.ca.

This includes matters such as:


  • applications for new or amended licences;
  • applications for charter permits;
  • applications for code-share or wet leases approvals;
  • filing of renewal of insurance certificates and endorsements;
  • charter notifications;
  • other applications affecting licence authorities; and
  • change of contact information.


Upon receipt, your submission will be referred to the appropriate person who will contact you promptly for any necessary follow-ups.


Should your submission contain sensitive or voluminous information which you do not wish to transmit via e-mail, please contact us at licence@otc-cta.gc.ca and we will promptly make arrangements to allow for easy electronic transmission through secured channels.


Please do not hesitate to contact us directly should you wish to discuss this change or have other suggestions to improve our services.



Carole Girard, CPA, CA
Senior Director, Regulatory Approvals and Compliance
Industry Regulation and Determinations Branch
Canadian Transportation Agency | 15 Eddy St., Gatineau QC  K1A 0N9
Government of Canada”