Canada Labour Code Requirements for Aviation

This is the first in the series of blogs that I would like to provide with regards to the Canada Labour Code (CLC) Requirements for small air operators. In addition to the CARs requirements an operator is required to comply with the federal jurisdiction of the CLC. These are a set of regulations administered under the HRDC. Transport Canada (TC) and HRDC have a memorandum of understanding that transfers the oversight of these requirements to TC. Transport Canada has subsequently delegated this authority to cabin safety inspectors who may conduct compliance inspections. Many operators are not aware of these requirements, or ignore them. Unfortunately if you have a fatality or an accident and you do not comply with the CLC the fees can be extremely high, in fact, there have been reports of charges in the neighborhood of $250,000. Therefore it is prudent for operators to comply with these regulations. The regulations include:

  • the Aviation Occupational Health and Safety regulations;
  • the Canada Labor Code Part 2 Occupational Health and Safety regulations;
  • the Health and Safety Representative and Committee regulations; and,
  • the No Smoking regulation.

We recommend that you review your requirements in reference to these regulations.