Canada Labour Code

Safety & Health Representative

It is a requirement of the Canada Labour Code that all aviation companies with less than 20 employees at each work place have a Safety & Health Representative. The Rep is to be elected by the employees and must be trained in his/her responsibilities. The oversight of this area lies with the Cabin Safety Inspectors. I’ve attached a pamphlet for further… Read more →

Workplace Inspections

One of the requirements for the compliance for the Canada Labour Code is regular workplace inspections. Follow the link to listen to this 5-minute informative webcast on how to make your workplace a safe one. A great way to refresh the mind with ideas on where to look for hazards, also just a healthy reminder. Read more →

Canada Labour Code Requirements for Aviation

This is the first in the series of blogs that I would like to provide with regards to the Canada Labour Code (CLC) Requirements for small air operators. In addition to the CARs requirements an operator is required to comply with the federal jurisdiction of the CLC. These are a set of regulations administered under the HRDC. Transport Canada (TC)… Read more →